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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: CCGA Overdose Awareness and Prevention

CCGA Overdose Awareness and Prevention

Authors: Destiny Coleman, Joey Lane, Austin McCanless, Makayla McKinnon, T.C. Pippen

Faculty Supervisor: Nicole Masano DNP, RN, CNM, CNE

Community Partner: College of Coastal Georgia's Residence Halls


The group identified Opioid overdoses as a growing health problem in the US and in Glynn County.  As such, the need for education and prevention is critical.  The group determined that the College of Coastal Georgia would be a beneficial partner in the project.  The group worked with the offices of the Health Center and Residence Life to build the project.  Through researching state health policy and Opioid overdose emergency treatment options, the group decided to purchase Opioid Overdose Emergency Kits and educate key members of the campus community on use.  The team created brochures to distribute campus-wide, to Residence Advisors, and Campus Police.  The brochure contains information on overdose recognition and response.  The Overdose Emergency Kits will be placed in the residence halls.  The project provides safety measures to the CCGA community if an overdose happens to occur on campus.