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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Car Safety

Car Safety 

Authors: Brianna Fisher, Miranda Lewis, Hannah Mitchell, Ashland O’Quinn, Ashlee Ortiz, Julia Sapp, Brent Sullivan, Amber Yanner

Faculty Supervisor: Beverly Rowe, RN, MSN, CNE

Community Partner: FACES Prekindergarten Center 


One of the most beneficial things that nurses can do to give back to their communities is health promotion and education on safety. Our service-learning topic, Car Safety, is important to teach children and their parents at a vital age. Our group taught the preschoolers at FACES about the importance of crossing the street, not playing behind cars, how to properly wait for the school bus, making sure to stay buckled, and keeping extremities in the car. We taught them through an entertaining short video, pamphlet, goodie bags, and stimulating games as a learning approach directed toward their development. Our program partnered with FACES Prekindergarten Center, which is a county school that believes in a nurturing and healthy learning environment for all children throughout the community. 

Service Learning has impacted us to help us understand our role as educators and health promoters in our future profession. We were able to correlate our Service-Learning objectives: Civic Learning, Academic Enhancement, and Personal Growth into our project. As a group, we incorporated our academic achievements to create nursing interventions that allowed us to implement the goals and topics for our videos. Safety is one of the most important education goals for our patients and using Civic Learning we were able to reach out. Motor vehicle accidents have become common in our society, so children need to be educated on the importance of day-to-day safety to prevent injury. Car safety will have future implications for children to remember to use the skills they learned throughout their childhood years. As future nurses, we will continue to educate on safety and healthcare promotions to all ages based on the planning from this project.