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2022 Service-Learning Symposium: Preserve History with Oak Grove Cemetery

Perserve History with Oak Grove Cemetery

Authors: Ireland Kane 

Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Melilli-Hand, Ph.D.

Community Partner: Oak Grove Cemetery Society


Oak Grove is Brunswick cemetery that is full of beautiful foliage and architecture inspired by Queen Victoria; it also houses the remains of veterans from the Civil War and World War II. The purpose of this partnership was to meet the needs of Oak Grove Cemetery and gain an in depth understanding of the local history. I created a narrative and a poem for Oak Grove Cemetery as well as a visual argument for my service-learning course. I learned how to engage in writing as a process that included drafting, peer reviewing, revising, and reflecting. I also learned the importance of storytelling, professional communication, and how to synthesize evidence to create a strong argument. As a student, I gained an understanding of the importance of local history and how it shapes our modern day, and that I could have influence by simply telling stories. Personally, I earned respect for my community and the individuals who take time to maintain it. The way I view Brunswick has changed and I feel a sense of pride in knowing its history. I urge the College of Coastal Georgia students and Brunswick citizens to volunteer with Oak Grove and to take time to learn about those who came before us.