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SOURCE 2021: U.S. Adults Awareness to Gender Roles in Everyday Life

Presentation Details

Title: U.S. Adults Awareness of Employment Inequality

Presenters: Peyton Strickland, Brooke Musick, Ethan Dutton, Drew Houghteling

Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Mary McGinnis


Abstract: Our source poster presentation topic is employment inequality. This topic built on our semester theme of oppression. We researched different types of employment inequalities, such as race, gender, religion, etc. After doing some research on the topic, we built a survey and encouraged CCGA students and faculty to take it. Our focus was to distinguish whether people are aware of employment inequality and/or if they ever experienced it. We chose this topic because it is certainly something that occurs in our country and we all felt that it was an issue we should help bring to light. We presented our information gathered in the form of a poster presentation in hopes of informing our audience of the research we completed throughout the semester.