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2017 Service-Learning Symposium: STEAM: Good Vibrations

Presentation Details

STEAM: Good Vibrations

Authors: Aimee Gordy and Zayne Harrelson

Faculty Supervisor: Debra L. Smith, Ed.D.


As teacher candidate partners, we were thrilled to have Music as our foundation for the STEAM and Service-Learning activity. We worked for many hours on research for the project to make sure that the fourth graders who would be involved in our activity would enjoy the experience. We wanted them to learn both Science information and come to an understanding of the importance between Science and the Fine Arts. We especially wanted our activity to have a creative and hands-on component. So, we devised a way to add a ‘make your own vibrating instrument’ to the STEAM lesson. Our fourth grade students at Altama Elementary were welcoming and excited to see what we had for them to do. They were able to absorb information about vibrations and sound as a Science element, but then they were able to let their own creativity and imagination flow by using materials they found to recreate sounds. They used their sense of touch to feel the vibrations. The laughter and giggles were obvious sounds that learning and fun can coexist.