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2017 Service-Learning Symposium: I Dare You to Move from Harm to Hope

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I Dare You to Move from Harm to Hope

Authors: Brenda McCollum and Ceejay Ham

Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Melilli-Hand, Ph.D., MFA


Our group's service-learning partner is Glynn Community Crisis Center. While touring the center we acquired insight on how this non-profit agency assists survivors of domestic violence. Using creative writing skills learned this semester, we then created flyers to bring about awareness of domestic violence and provide information regarding where someone in this situation could go for help. Next we posted the flyers in places around our community, like YMCA and Planet Fitness locker rooms, and provided copies to the center. Being involved with this project has brought more consciousness to our group and the community that a problem exists; however, there are places with compassionate people who can assist. Our craft of writing enhanced as a result of this venture thus we have incorporated literary elements learned into this task such as the "double entendre" (words with dual meaning) that we used in our title "I Dare You to Move from Harm to Hope." It means both physically moving from a harmful situation into the Hope House as well as changing one's mentality from unhealthy to promising. Next we can continue support by participating in the annual fundraiser "A Taste of Glynn."