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2017 Service-Learning Symposium: Helmet Safety: A Visual Comparison of Potential Brain Injuries

Presentation Details

Helmet Safety: A Visual Comparison of Potential Brain Injuries 

Authors: Krystle Binion, Aimee Jaklik, Cindy Lau, Lupert Miles, and Ashlie Simmons

Faculty Supervisors: Lydia Watkins, DNP, RN, CPNP


Six nursing students and the school nurse at Goodyear Elementary combined forces to educate 5th grade students on bicycle helmet safety. In efforts to demonstrate brain damage that may occur when not wearing a helmet and the benefits of wearing one, a simulation using JELL-O brain molds, helmets, and baseball bats was created. The second portion of the presentation was to show possible permanent effects of brain damage with or without obvious trauma to the head. Double sided posters with simple, familiar words were held up while the student group was encouraged to shout out the words; one side in English, the other in a different language. This allowed the presenters to show how simple tasks could become difficult to impossible tasks following a brain injury. Students were sent home with candy and a pamphlet on how to properly wear a helmet and a resource list for parents.