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2017 Service-Learning Symposium: Famine in America

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Famine in America

Authors: Kayla Allison, Emily Nimmons, Phillip May, and Haley Beasley

Faculty Supervisor: Jessica Melilli-Hand, Ph.D., MFA


Our group worked with the America's Second Harvest in Brunswick, Georgia. We learned about the
needs in our community by visiting the site and getting a hands on experience. Our literature
was "Radiolab: Busted; America's Poverty Myths", where Brooke Gladstone spoke about
related stories of the past and present of the poverty problems in America. Listening to the
piece of literature and then going on site, taught us how the poverty problem in America is
real, and even more real when you see it in your own community. Americas Second Harvest
gives people who don't have enough to eat, a chance to eat. We went on site and saw the
donations and the need for more food in our community, so the America's Second Harvest can
continue to help our community. We plan to continue to go out and help our community
partner by continuing to go on site and lend a hand. We also plan to hand out flyers around the
community to help raise awarness of the problem in our community.With help, we hope one
day no one goes hungry!