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Career Services is unit of Student Affairs. Its mission is "to provide student-centered, comprehensive career development programs and services that empower both students and alumni to achieve their lifelong career goals." Visit CCGA's Career Services, and get started!


What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking tool that allows its users to build a professional identity online for job searches, networking and career advancement. LinkedIn users create professional profiles, post their resumes, skills and other credentials, as well as follow companies and participate in groups with other users who share the same interests. Some companies are now requesting that job candidants apply through LinkedIn or include their LinkedIn profile information in the application process.

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LinkedIn for Students

Think before you post...

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CCGA Links

CCGA’s online resource for developing resumes and cover-letters. Provides templates and examples that can be submitted for review by a Career Counselor.

FOCUS 2 is an online, comprehensive career and education planning tool available to all students and alumni. This interactive, self-paced system assesses your career planning status, personality, values, skills, and interests.

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