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Public Computers

For the convenience of guests or visitors on campus, there are public computers available in the library. In order to use these computers, guests or visitors must present a valid photo ID at the circulation desk, and obtain a temporary login and password.

Access is limited to two hours per day, and users must log off 10 minutes before closing. Users must vacate the computers at the request of the library staff.

Public computer use violations include:

· Viewing pornography.

· Gaming/Entertainment (YouTube/Movies)

· Online Shopping (Ebay, etc.)

· Chatting/Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace, etc.)

· Deliberately altering, reconfiguring or abusing hardware, software, or computer security.

· Downloading audio, video or software files.

· Illegal activity under federal, state or local law, including copyright infringement.

· Non-compliance with stated use polices or violation of any other CCGA policies.

Click HERE for a printable version of CCGA's Acceptable Use Policy for computers.


Student/Faculty Computers

"Technology resources (hardware and software) provided by College of Coastal Georgia are made available to students, faculty, and staff primarily as tools for enhancing and facilitating teaching, learning, scholarly research, communications, and the operation and administration of the institution. Uses which are not directly related to these purposes shall be considered secondary activities and should such secondary activities in any way interfere with the primary activities, access to institutional technology resources may be terminated immediately. Access to and usage of such resources is a privilege and is not a right."        

-- College of Coastal Georgia's Acceptable Use Policy

Library computers are primarily for research use by students, faculty and staff. Users must log on using their I.D. numbers (also called a 920 number) and password. Computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there is no time limit. However, at busy times, personal, recreational or other non-academic use may be suspended. Patrons must vacate computers at the request of library staff.

Students, faculty and staff should become familiar with CCGA's Acceptable Use Policy, and refrain from activities that violate them.

Student Printing

All CCGA students receive a $10 credit to cover the cost of printing each semester. (That's 100 black-and-white printouts a semester at 10 cents per page.)

Students who exceed their allocated $10 must pay for additional pages at a cost of 10 cents per page.

Students are charged for printing when they log on to the Print Release Station with their studen I.D. numbers and passwords, to release their prints.

The initial $10 printing credit acts as a declining balance to cover printing costs for students. Once this account is depleted, students must purchase additional printing credits by visiting the Office of the Bursar.

Click HERE for a printable version of CCGA's printing policy.

Ask-a-Librarian 24/7 Chat

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WAVE - Wireless gateway

WAVE is the wireless gateway to the Internet and College of Coastal Georgia networking resources. It provides students, faculty, and staff access from much of the campus. 

To access WAVE, you will need a valid College of Coastal Georgia ID and password (the same as your Student E-mail login and password). 

Like all College of Coastal Georgia computing and network resources, the WAVE system is solely for the use of authorized users for official purposes. Use of the system may be monitored by TS personnel. Such monitoring is done to ensure quality of performance, but any activity that violates the College of Coastal Georgia Acceptable Use of Computers Policies or provides evidence of possible abuse or criminal activity could be recorded and reported to appropriate authorities.