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ENG 1101 English Composition 1: Course Tools: Amanda Merry Gross: Suggested Topics For Research

Suggested Topics For Research

1. Is having health insurance a right for all Americans?


2. Should Euthanasia be legal?


3. When is censorship justified?


4. Is the United States a democracy or plutocracy?


5. Are cell phones/smartphones a distraction to teaching and learning or can they be used in ways that enhance education in and outside the classroom.


6. Which brand of smartphones is the best? Why is it the best as opposed to others?


7. What are the advantages and disadvantage of charter schools vs. public schools? What are the advantages and disadvantages of home schooling vs. public schools?


8. How does a student benefit by studying in a foreign country? What difficulties might a student face in study abroad?


9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of everyone having a four-day work week? Are there any particular areas of employment where a four-day work week might be a bad idea?


10. What are the most common types of cyber crime? What's being done to combat it? What can you do lower your risk of being a victim?


11. Is "vaping" (e-cigarettes) less harmful than smoking? Are there reasons why "vaping" should or should not be banned in the same public places where smoking is already banned?