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A Century of The Titanic: 1912-2012: Notable People

This libguide overviews the history, the people, and the legacy of the Titanic and provides sources for additional research

Who's who on the Titanic

Some People on Board

( Sorry, no Jack and Rose here!)

 File:Titanic Grand Staircase.jpg

(1st Class Grand Staircase)

Name Position Interesting Remarks Survivor?



Edward John Smith


Commanding Officer
  • Rumored that he planned to retire after the maiden voyage
  • Refused to leave the sinking ship, instead going down with it



Margaret Brown 


"The Unsinkable  Molly Brown"


First Class Passanger, Socialite, Activist, and Philanthropist
  • Called Molly after her death- friends called her Maggie
  • Had to be coxed aboard a lifeboat. She was too concerned for others' well-being
  • When on the lifeboat, she tried to row back to the ship to save more people
  • Regarded as a heroine for her efforts




 Violet Constance   Jessop Nurse and Stewardess
  • Was on board not only the Titanic, but also its sister ships: the Olympic and the Britannic. Of these ships, the Titanic and the Britannic sank. The Olympic collided with the HMS Hawke and limped back to port
  • Ordered into a boat on the Titanic. She was given a baby to look after. This baby she said was later taken from her by a woman not saying a word
  • When the Britannic sank, she grabbed her toothbrush, saying it was one thing she regretted not having when the Titanic went down.




 John Clarke, Percy Taylor, Georges Krins, Wallace Hartley, W. Theodore Brailey, John Hume, Roger Bricoux, and John Woodward       

The Titanic Orchestra

  • They were all second- class passangers and not on the White Star Line's payroll. Instead, they were paid agents.
  • Although classified today as one group- they were actually two
  • Together, they played down the ship. As people paniced, they played on as nothing was wrong.
All perished
            Father Thomas Byles  Priest/ Second Class Passanger
  • Held Mass on the ship in English, Irish, and French for the second and third class passangers
  • On the morning of April 12th, his sermon was on the need for a spiritual lifebelt in the shape of prayer and the sacraments when in danger of spiritual shipwreck in times of temptation
  • As the ship was sinking, he assisted passangers into lifboats and reportedly refused a place on one.
  • During the sinking, he heard confessions and gave absolution to those trapped after all the lifeboats were gone
           Joseph Phillipe Lamercier Laroche, along with his wife Juliette Marie Louise, children Simonne and Marie Louise, and one child on the way First Class Passangers
  • The only known passangers of black ancestory on the ship
  • Joseph and Juliette were an interracial couple: Joseph was of Haitian Decent, Juliette of French.
  • Although first-class passangers, they were subjected to racism from fellow passangers and crew. After the sinking, The White Star Line aologized
  • On the day of the sinking, Joseph packed his coat full of jewels and money and wrapped it around his wife, telling her he would catch another boat
  • After the sinking, Juliette returned to Paris
Juliette and the children survived, Joseph did not



Edmond and Michel Jr Navaratil, along with their father, Michel Sr. Second-class passangers
  • The boys are known as "The Titanic Orphans"
  • The boys were "kidnapped" by their father and taken on the Titanic under aliases. Michel Sr. wanted to take them to America
  • Edmond and Michel Jr were placed on the last lifeboat
  • When their father died in the sinking, images of the siblings circulated the globe, hoping to find a relative.
Edmond and Michel Jr did survive. Michel Sr. did not.


The Sage Family: John George, his wife Annie Elizabeth, and children Stella, George, Douglas, Frederick, William, Dorothy, Ada, Constance, and Thomas Third- Class Passangers
  • The family, from Southampton, England, was bound for Jacksonville, Florida
  • John was previously in Jacksonville and bought land on which to farm pecan nuts. He was returning for his family.
  • Reports state that Stella managed into a lifeboat, but went into the water when she saw her family was not with her.
All Perished
               Thomas Andrews    Designer of the ship
  • Went on the maiden voyage to look for improvements for future voyages
  • Correctly calculated the amount of time the Titanic had left before she sank after her collision with an iceberg

 Georgians on the Titanic

Please follow the link below to find out about Georgia residents who perished on the White Star Line:

   Georgians Died on the Titanic by Donald E. Wilkes, Jr (of the University of Georgia School of Law). 1994.