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Idea Platforms: Welcome

A guide to sources for idea platforms at College of Coastal Georgia.

What is Idea Platform?

An idea platform is a system of expressions that bring content to life, deliver it into the world, and build it over a sustained period of time.

About Social Media

Social media is any digital technology that is rooted in user participation and/or user-generated content. This includes Web 2.0 technologies, such as blogs, social networking sites, and wikis, but also includes cell phone applications, text messaging, and mobile computing

How to Stay Current

There are many options for keeping up with the literature in your field.  The most popular tools are

  • RSS feeds
  • E-mail alerts of searches
  • E-mail alerts of journal Table of Contents

Welcome To The Subject Guide for Idea Platforms

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I don’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.

- John Cage (1912–1992)